Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Word Of Explanation

First off... don't pay any attention to the blog posting dates on this blog, they are without meaning.

This blog is a discography for musician Gavin John Baker. As well as various solo releases he has made music with the following bands: Billy Mahonie, Jet Johnson, Glider, Meets Guitar, The Baker Boys, The Durells, The Smith and Baker Band, Von Block, Radio 9, Sightseers and Höglin Baker.

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October 2015

Friday 30th October Höglin Baker play live at Kåre João Café & Bar in Kongsberg.
We playing newgrass and country music.
Höglin Baker facebook page
Höglin Baker soundcloud page
Onstage 9.00pm, free entry.

March 2015

Firestations Remix
I have remixed the tune Lonely Town by Firestations.
It is featured on their new single, Cold Sweaty Palms
released in April 2015 which is lifted from their debut album Never Closer.
 Firestations Lonely Town (Remix) soundcloud 

January 2015

A new release by Gavin John Baker on Unlabel entitled The Same Sky is out now. Ten tunes of acoustic guitar and vocal.

Available as a bandcamp download now: The Same Sky
And as physical CD: The Same Sky


News: November 2014

There are two new releases: albums by The Baker Boys and Gavin John Baker
The new album by The Baker Boys is on Unlabel and entitled Another Fine Mess: 15 tunes of american old timey and norwegian and english folk music.

Available as a bandcamp download now: Another Fine Mess
And as physical CD: Another Fine Mess

Also out now is a new album by Gavin John Baker also on Unlabel
entitled It's Out There Somewhere: 12 tunes of acoutsic guitar and manipulated acoustic guitar.

Available as a bandcamp download now: It's Out There Somewhere
And as physical CD: It's Out There Somewhere

Gavin is now a member of anglo-norwegian three piece blues/krautrock band Sightseers who are working on tunes for an album.

There are ten albums up on Gavin John Baker's   Bandcamp. The three Bunkland records and some other self released albums, including the unreleased unfinished Von Block album.

Propeller first album of the Bunkland trilogy, originally released in 2010.
Persuasion second album of the Bunkland trilogy, released 2012.
Single Note Theory third allbum of the Bunkland trilogy, released 2012.
Von Block, the unfinished album, recorded between 2009 and 2011.
Modes, a selection of acoustic demos recorded for Billy Mahonie in 2009.
Ten Years Dead, an collection of songs recorded between 2009 and 2011.
The Durells, an album recorded in 2007 but never released in it's full form.
Outs, an album of alternate takes recorded at the time of the Dirge/Misry double album.
Mineralism, a collection of out takes recorded during the sessions for the trilogy of albums for Bunkland.
Tunes For R.W., a set of unreleased tunes and demos recorded between 2007 and 2010.

Unlabel  have released a number of Gavin John Baker and related albums on bandcamp and have the following included in their cannon:

The Same Sky new album.
It's Out There Somewhere new album.
Another Fine Mess new album by The Baker Boys
Durations originally released in 2010.
Dirge/Misry originally released in 2011.
It Took A Thousand Years To Make And A Fucking Short Time To Break originally released in 2012.
The Grinder And The Curse  originally released in 2012.
Great Snakes by The Smith and Baker Band   originally released 2009.
The 23rd Project - 01 - January 2012 compilation including a track by Von Block.

Unlabel is retrospectively posting their back catalogue on bandcamp and at some stage this should include Billy Mahonie's Exhale On Mare Street, The Baker Boys' Driftwood Boats, Glider's Some Letters and Meets Guitar's The River Turns To Home.


The Discography

This blog is a discography for all the music Gavin Baker has released since 1998. Pretty much most of the music can be found on Grooveshark but you'll have to search for it yourself. Where a producer has been involved in the recording I have included their names, otherwise the music has been produced by the musicians involved. I have also included pictures of the record covers when I have found them.

please email me here if you have a question or something:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Bands

Billy Mahonie

Billy Mahonie, instrumental rock band, consisted of Gavin Baker (guitar), Hywell Dinsdale (bass, guitar), Kevin Penney (bass), Howard Monk (drums) from 1997 and 2001. Between 2002 and 2004 Dinsdale and Penney were replaced by Anthony Barratt (guitar) and Duncan Brown (bass). From 2005 to 2010 the band was Baker and Monk in the studio and the original line up for live shows. The band played a reunion show in November 2014 and the original four piece line up are currently working up tunes for a new album.
Billy Mahonie soundcloud
Billy Mahonie discography
Billy Mahonie facebook
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Billy Mahonie myspace
Billy Mahonie wikipedia

Jet Johnson

Jet Johnson, indie folky pop outfit, has been Caroline Nesbø (vocal, guitar, bass) and Gavin Baker (guitar) joined by numerous members over the years: Howard Monk (drums), Kevin Penney (bass), Hywell Dinsdale (drums), Ian Scanlon (bass, vocal), Kevin Smith (drums), Guri Hummelsund (bass), Anthony Barratt (bass, drums), Charles Wilson (drums), Tore Skjulstad Bryhni (bass, vocal), Øyvind Glamo (drums) and Karl Fredrik Alnes (drums).
Jet Johnson soundcloud
Jet Johnson discography
Jet Johnson myspace


Glider played laid back instrumental post rock and were made up of Gavin Baker (guitar, bass) and Pascal Asselin (drums).
Glider soundcloud
Glider discography
Glider myspace

Meets Guitar

Meets Guitar was Gavin Baker (vocal, guitar, bass) in solo guise playing alternative country rock music with help from Caroline Nesbø (bass, vocal), and at various times: Kevin Smith (drums), Howard Monk (drums), Tom Cullinan (drums).
Meets Guitar soundcloud
Meets Guitar discography
Meets Guitar mypace

The Baker Boys

The Baker Boys is a traditional folk and old timey music duo featuring Dave Baker (mandolin, vocal) and Gavin Baker (guitar) with assistance from Caroline Nesbø (vocal).
The Baker Boys soundcloud
The Baker Boys discography
The Baker Boys myspace

The Durells

The Durells was a minimal noise and electronica project with Gavin Baker on his own.
The Durells soundcloud
The Durells discography
The Durells myspace

The Smith And Baker Band

The Smith and Baker Band is an instrumental rock duo comprising of Gavin Baker (guitar, bass) and Kevin Smith (drums).
The Smith and Baker Band soundcloud
The Smith and Baker Band discography
The Smith And Baker Band facebook
The Smith and Baker Band myspace

Gavin John Baker

In the last couple of years Gavin Baker has released a number of solo albums. A mix of solo acoustic guitar and acoustic drone music.
Gavin John Baker bandcamp
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Von Block

Von Block, a quirky heavy rock band, consisting of Gavin Baker (guitar), Ole Jørgen Bardal (saxophone), Jørgen Thorbjørnsen (bass) and Tom Byermoen (drums).
Von Block soundcloud
Von Block discography
Von Block myspace

Radio 9

Between November 2011 and June 2013 Gavin Baker was a member of Radio 9, a krautrock band based once in London but now in Oslo. The band has had lots of members over the years, the one constant party being Leon Muraglia (guitar, bass, vocal). The line up at this point was Leon, Christian Næss (drums, vocals, lap top) and Gavin Baker (bass, guitar).
Radio 9 site
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Radio 9 myspace
Radio 9 selected discography


In April 2013 Gavin formed Sightseers with Vegard Eggum (guitar, vocal) and Christian Børke (drums, keyboards etc) both of the band Meadows & Io. The band play dirty bluesy krautrock and are currently working on an album.
Sightseers live footage
Sightseers discography

Höglin Baker

Formed in 2015 this is a countrya nd newgrass duo comprising of Gavin Baker (guitar, vocal) and Stefan Höglin (banjo). They have recorded some demos (hear them on soundcloud), played a few concerts and are working on a debut album.
Höglin Baker facebook
Höglin Baker soundcloud

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gavin John Baker

Gavin John Baker bandcamp
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Gavin John Baker this is my jam
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Balls To Farris
Dance Macabre
Am I Getting Through
The Batavia Mutiny
As Was Then
Same As I Got Tomorrow
The Waterloo Creek Massacre
Leg Up My Head Up

CD & Download
Unlabel un086
November 2010


Automatic Harp
Starman Pitch

CD & Download
Bunkland blr07
November 2010

Dirge / Misry

Disc 1 - Dirge:

Prize Eye
Dumb Fuck
Indian Dance
Fifty Of One And None Of The Other
Single Note Beginning

Disc 2 - Misry:

I Couldn't Do Everything
The Round
What Crisis
Endless Pain
You Liar
Outstay The Welcome
In The Ground
Winter Madness
Happy Cat
I Couldn't Do Anything

2 CD & Download
Unlabel un093
September 2011


Slide II
Slide I

CD & Download
Bunkland blr08
January 2012

Single Note Theory

Single Note Theory

CD & Download
Bunkland blr09
January 2012


This Beats The Crap
Little Bop
It's Never Just Alright
Bill's Approach
Get Message
It's All Pants
Horse Fall
Misry One

Download album
Rotations ROT001
March 2012

A collection of acoustic demos written for a Billy Mahonie album that has yet to be recorded. Demos themselves recorded in summer 2009 and spring 2010.

Ten Years Dead

In The Evening
That's My Name
Skip's Song
Goodnight Sweetheart
Keep Quiet
I'm Not Home
What Scientists Do

Download album
Rotations ROT002
March 2012

A collection of acoustic songs recorded between 2009 and 2011.


Fifty Of One And None Of The Other
Blues (Part One)
Blues (Part Two)
Indian Dance
Dirge (Take One)
Younger (Take One)
Dumb Fuck
Prize eye
Outstay The Welcome
Dirge (Take Two)
Younger (Take Two)

Download album
Rotations ROT004
March 2012

A collection of alternate takes of tunes from the Dirge/Misry double album released by Unlabel in 2011.


Number One
Number Two
Number Three
Starman Pitch (First Mix)
Slide II - Juice (First Mix)
Automotive Harp
Mandarin (Part Two)

Download album
Rotations ROT005
March 2012

A collection of out takes from the sessions for the Bunkland album trilogy: Propeller, Persuasion and Single Note Theory.

Tunes For R.W.

Rem Thud
Done Am Blues
Thousands Of Nothings
Mountains Of Piss
Balls To Farris
In The Evening
Ten Years Dead
In The Evening

Download album
Rotations ROT006
March 2012

Tracks 1 - 6 were recorded in 2007 for Mr R.W. with a view to him putting some words to them. This never happened. Tracks 7 - 8 were demos for the album entitled Durations released by Unlabel in 2010. They were recorded to mini disc in 2009. Tracks 9 -13 were recorded in 2010 to mini disc and are demos of tunes which appeared on the Ten Years Dead album, released in 2012.

It Took A Thousand Years To Make and A Fucking Short Time To Break

With A Nod
The Sea At Last
The Battle And The Peace
Shattered Mirrors
It Was What It Was
The Hanging Tree
A Pugilist At Last
Is All...

CD & Download
Unlabel un100
October 2012

The Grinder And The Curse

The Way Without The Worry
Ever Increasing Circles
Hen And Chickens
The Grinder
Ringing In The Round
Sun Song
The Curse

CD & Download
Unlabel un103
October 2012

It's Out There Somewhere

Dance For Tomorrow
The Birds We Have Known
Journey To Flatön
The Poor Ditching Boy
Twelfth Street Dirge
Daisy Derbyshire
Our Ghosts
First And True
Visit From The Past
It's Out There Somewhere
Little Sense In Trying
Mighty Good Leader

CD & Download
Unlabel un109
November 2014

The Same Sky

The Lights Go On
Sea Of Gold
Stars Out To Tender
Tune Of Fire Intent
Last Says Of Summer
Truth Hurts Don't It
The Difference In The Difference Does
Like Before
May The Last
There's No Way

CD & Download
Unlabel un113
January 2015